A Family Affair

The best way for me to keep up with exercising is to have partner. Unfortunately, my life partner, the love of my life, my supposed best friend will not workout with me. He’s tired when he gets home from work and wants to relax. So going on a walk is out the question. I don’t want to workout with him anyway, he gets home after six and I like working out in the morning. Still, I need a partner. I need someone to keep me on track. To remind me that staying in bed isn’t going to give me the results I want. I need someone that is committed to getting into shape like I am.

Who better to workout with than your siblings? That’s right, I’m working out with my brother and sister. My sister suggested that we work out together, and I thought it was a perfect idea. The three of us had the time, the kids could play with each other and I know we are all on the same activity level. We meet on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s most of the time. My brother is more of the expert on how to workout correctly, making sure we are targeting our problem areas. My sister and I go with the flow of things, making sure we look cute doing the exercises. But I know I don’t look cute. What’s that lyric? “Run’n with no makeup on,  that’s not the prettiest, no I won’t take it wrong.” I don’t think that’s it, I'm no Drake, but pretty good huh? You can laugh. I did.  


Anyways, our mornings start like this; everyone meets at my house, we walk down to the bike path, then we head to the park and do our exercises. All while lugging our babies around. You’d think that once we got to the park the kids would be happy with playing on the slides but no. My munchkin is throwing sand all over herself, my nephew is taking off in the other direction, my niece is being a daredevil. The only one that wants to workout with us is my nephew Oliver. He gets down on the mats and does crunches and push ups, which I think is great. We all agree that it’s important for us to keep our kids active. So it’s important for us to lead by example. Getting outside walking, jumping, playing they see us doing it and just like little ducklings they will follow. It is hard though, trying to do sit ups and watching the kids. As long as they aren’t sitting on a bench with an iPad we’re happy.  We have to keep these kids adventurous. That's for another post. 


Our plan is to increase reps. We want to build up our endurance so eventually we can start running. It’s all part of the process, we know that our muscles heal faster with repetition so we want to keep challenging ourselves. I believe that if I’m not sore then it’s not working or I’m not doing it right. I’m not sure where I heard that or read it. Kind of like if you ain’t hurt’n you ain’t try’n. Silly, I know.  But we know it’s one step at a time, I’m trying not to over do it. I know we’ll get there. Especially when we are supporting each other, how can we fail? Working out together has been  fun. It’s our family time. The kids get to bond together. I get to spend time with my sister and brother. It’s a win, win. Update photos coming soon. 

Love, Mama.