Two Months In

It’s been about two months since I started working out. Here’s what I’ve learned since my last post; it’s kind of impossible for me to workout four times, and walk three times a week. That was an unrealistic goal. I was overreaching. For right now anyways. There’s something that always comes up as to why I miss a day. So I’ve decide I’m not going to beat myself up about it, that would be counter productive. As long as I do three days of at home workouts a week that’s good enough. I’ve managed to get myself to doing three reps of each set, which is good. When I first started I could only do one set. So I’m proud of myself for increasing my reps. 

So going back to what I said in my first post about how I can eat anything in moderation, so long as I workout? Well, that was complete bullshit. I honestly believed I could but I realized that I’m almost thirty and not twenty five anymore. I guess it’s true what doctors say, your body changes the older you get. It doesn’t seem like I’m losing weight like I thought I was. At first I lost two pounds in a month. Which was amazing but now the scale says I’ve gained weight. I’m eating more, which is frustrating because I didn’t eat this much before, but now I want to constantly be eating. Most of the time it isn’t bad. But pizza has somehow been added to my regular diet. I know that’s not helping. Also, I’m snacking a lot. Could it be that I’m bored? Or does this happen when you start to workout? Like it’s your body’s way of replacing the fat you’re burning off? Or restoring the calories you lose? I don’t know, but something is going on. I really need to take a step back and re-evaluate my diet.

If I could control my eating habits things would be going a lot smoother. I’ve noticed a change in my booty though. Slight, but noticeable. Which is better than nothing. Growing my butt has been my main motivator. You’ve seen all of those sexy butts on instagram, no point in lying. I catch myself looking at them a little too hard for a little too long, know what I mean. That’s what I want my butt to look like. So It’s great to see that my hard work is paying off. I can’t say the same for my stomach. The infamous baby pouch. There’s something about working on my abs that I’m just not understanding. I try to do sit-ups and planks.  But for some reason I haven’t noticed any firmness in that area. I guess ab workouts are a little intimidating to me. I never know if I’m doing them correctly. When I’m doing my sit-ups, I can tell that my form is off, so most of the time I skip abs altogether. I’ve said before that if I can’t feel like I’ve been working out then I’m either doing something wrong, or I’m not doing enough. And it’s probably both. That’s something I need to work on and fast. I can’t have a sexy butt and a not so sexy baby pouch. I’ll try anything to get rid of my baby pouch at this point. 

Maybe running? I know running isn’t good for your joints, or so I’ve heard. There was a time where I liked running, but that was a long time ago. Now I can’t even run after my daughter without falling to the floor with chest pains. Ok, so I’m being dramatic. But I can’t run for long. At least not long enough to burn a substantial amount of calories. I’m out a breath shortly after I start jogging, and the next day my hips and legs are in pain. So maybe if I slowly ease myself into running, my muscles will respond better. It’s the only type of cardio I know how to do. So it’s something I might need to include in my morning workouts, especially if I want to build up my endurance. Another thing with running is the weather. Can’t really run when it’s too cold, or too hot. I could probably use that when I’m trying to sell my husband on me signing up for a gym membership. 

I’m writing this post a few weeks late. Sorry, only because I have a few topics I write about and I want to make sure I don’t neglect any. The progress photos were taken in the middle of April and the beginning of June. Its really hard to get the exact same photo with the same pose. So bare with me. In these photos you can’t really see the progress but I feel like its because the spacing between me and the camera  and the angle is off. But I can see a slight difference in person, which is encouraging. I have to keep reminding myself this is a marathon not a sprint. That’s always a good way to look at things when you’re trying to reach a goal.

Can you see the difference? I apologize for the inconsistent photos. I'll try to get better pictures of the same poses. From left to right, April 25th and June 8th. I wanted to add photos from May 16th but the poses were all off. It was difficult to compare the two dates, it actually looks like I gained weight in that month, but I know it was the placement of my camera. Next progress pictures they will be accurate, I promise. 

Love, Mama.