Taking It Easy, While I Make A Baby.

Taking a break from working out this week. I know! I know! I’m setting myself up to fail, but this is for a good reason. We just had our I.U.I and we are in our two week wait, so I want to make sure I give my body time to make a baby. I don’t want to put too much strain on my body that might affect our chances of conceiving. Thats understandable right? I would try to walk but with this heat. I’m not going to force myself.  Booty exercises are going to be put on hold for a minute too. I hope you can understand my position and I hope to get back to working out soon. Once we find out if we are pregnant or not, that’s when I will start up again.


Since I won’t be working out as hard as I've been for the next two weeks, I plan to work on my daily diet. I’m going to have to find strength within to control my eating habits. First hurdle to overcome is soda. My goal is to stop drinking soda completely. I’ve had some progress with quitting. I actually went a week without drinking a tall glass of Coke. Although, I did have Sprite and Sierra Mist but since I don’t like them very much it wasn’t hard to take just a few sips. I did have a moment of weakness.  I caved last weekend and had a Coke when we went to lunch. But since I want to be healthy for a baby, it won’t be hard for me to give up soda. It’s giving up bread that’s going to make me sad.  Cutting back on pastas is going to be tough too, but I know I can do it. I know if I make these changes now, theres a good chance I can make it a permanent change in my diet. Well, at least I hope it does. 

Love, Mama.

I had to include this photo, because it was so cute. 

I had to include this photo, because it was so cute.