A Spook-Tacular Halloween Party

Every year around this time Disneyland has their Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and this mama has always wanted to go. Just to see what it was like, you know to see what all of the hype was about. But we never felt it was necessary since we were childless for so long. I felt weird and I knew my husband would feel weird if we were to go since it’s basically a big trick or treat party which is for the kids. So you can understand why we never went. But now all has changed, thanks to my little Emerald. Obviously, we had to wait until she was old enough to understand what was going on and hopefully at an age she’d appreciate the experience. We felt two is a good age. She still gets in for free and if she can recognize the characters. Then she would be at a point where she can really enjoy these types of events (in my opinion).  

I started seeing the advertisement on social media for the event. After that I went online to see if they had the tickets available. And lucky for me they were! All of the Friday’s were sold out but we didn’t care. We had planned on going earlier in the week, less crowds. Friday’s and Saturday’s are normally out of the question since you’re elbow to elbow throughout the whole park. We value our personal space. But if Friday’s are your thing, definitely start looking on the Disney website in June, I purchased ours in July, so they probably went on sale the month before. The party is only five hours long but you’re allowed to enter the park before then, just make sure you get your wrist band from the cast members at the front entrance. 

As we parked and unload, we see families pass by in cute family costumes. Lots of Incredibles walking the park that night, also Jack and Sally. We dressed up as the Hauntley family. Our costumes weren’t as fun as some but they did the job. It was our first year so we didn’t know what to expect. We repurposed Emerald’s Vampirina costume from her birthday and the husband and I picked up a few things we knew we’d wear again, it was simple but cute. I’m proud of my husband for participating. Before you ask “why didn’t she read the dress code?”, let me start by saying I did read it, and it wasn’t that clear to me. Which is why I didn’t paint our faces. I didn’t want to show up with a full face of blue makeup just to wash it off and walk around with a bare face. That alone would scare the living daylights out of young children. After seeing some the costumes people were allowed to wear, it’s pretty safe to say that next year our costumes will be better thought out.  

The park itself was beautiful. They had lights projecting on the buildings of spider webs that change colors, vibrant teals, purples, pinks, and greens. It was so pretty!  Better decor than their usual Halloween decorations. At the beginning of every trick or treat trial they had a tall Ghost Mickey lit up so it was easy to navigate your way through the park ( which was really dark). It was so cute watching Emerald walk up to the cast members standing at the carts and saying what I knew was “Trick or Treat”. The candy carts divided the lines which made them move faster and made it easier for people to go around you if you were walking too slow (like our munchkin). But once she got the hang of it she was ready to go. Then I was the one walking slow, she kept yelling at me “Come on mommy, let’s go.” I was concerned about how much candy they’d be giving out since I didn’t see that many trails, cravings need to be satisfied. But you will get a lot of candy.  They have about five carts with candy in one trail, so bring an extra bag for all of the goodies (small bag is provided). 


At first you think five hours is enough time to get through all of the trails, see the shows, and still manage to get on rides. It’s not. You have to consider walking distance between the trails, finding food, and stopping to use the bathroom. Yes, it’s important especially if you’re pregnant or have a small child. A lot of our time was spent wandering and waiting. We waited over an hour to see Jack and Sally, which now looking back probably wasn’t the best way to spend our time. I’m not sure, but I think they’re there the entire night, so waiting that long probably could’ve waited until after we were done getting candy. Finding food took along time as well. I didn’t know that all of the dine-in restaurants close at 9 p.m. If you have a favorite restaurant you really enjoy or crave, make sure to go before you start your adventure, or eat before you enter the park. After 9, the food selection isn’t the best. You’re reduced to hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken tenders.


I would like to say that the parade and firework show were the best part of the night but I’d be lying. I was more fascinated with all of the beautiful decorations. The fireworks scared Emerald, so she didn’t pay attention to the show they were projecting onto It’s A Small World. Maybe next year she won’t be so afraid of the fireworks. We also stayed for the parade, only to see the Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas riding around in his car, but that was it. Oh, and we wanted Emerald to see Vampirina. But of course, they saved best for last, and Emerald was knocked out.  We had to watch the entire parade before we could head to the car. Once the parade ended, the clock struck 11 p.m. It was time to head to the tram and make our way home. 

A few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on going next year. Plan out your night, eat before festivities, and bring extra bags for all of the delicious treats. We will definitely be attending this Halloween Party next year. We loved seeing Emerald get excited about being there, watching her little personality shine. And the best part about next year is she’ll have a little sister to enjoy the experience with. I hope this helps for those planning on going in 2019. It’s an experience the entire family can enjoy. 

Love, Mama.