DIY: Posion Ivy Costume

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays, which would explain why I put so much time and effort into our costumes. Not so much ours anymore, mostly Emerald’s. But I try to make our costumes rather than buy them. Especially now that I have to dress my bump. I pictured myself drenched in sweat beneath my clothes and unable to move comfortably the entire night in a store bought, polyester costume. 

So I started brainstorming on what I could make that wasn’t too difficult or time consuming. I had come across this bodysuit months before, that I felt would be comfortable for me. I had ordered from this store before, so I knew the fabric would be soft, breathable, and flexible. It was a long sleeve all black bodysuit which was where the inspiration came from. Cat instantly popped into my head. What was a little more difficult was what my little sidekick would be. Simple and cute is what kept flashing in my mind. So I thought of the usual cat foe or friend. But nothing came to mind that fit our style. Then I remembered I was Catwoman in my younger days, and I had saw that photo recently and I remember it being one of my favorite costumes. And that’s when the idea of making Emerald Poison Ivy blossomed. Both easy, and I already had an idea of how I wanted to make them both.

I ordered her leotard from Amazon.  The one I ordered at the beginning of last month hasn’t even shipped yet and I have no idea what happened to that order, so I had to act fast in order to receive it in time.  I picked up the rest of the materials from Michael’s. The vine that I pulled the leafs from, the fabric adhesive to glue them on, glitter glue to place the sequins, and glitter glue pens to add more shine along the leafs. 


Easy Steps: 

Wash leotard before applying leafs

Pull off all of the leafs from the vine

Place leafs in the direction or pattern you prefer (do before adding glue)

Apply small amounts of fabric adhesive to the back of the leafs 

Place each flat on leotard, pressing ends 

Continue until entire leotard is fully covered 

Let dry for 24 hrs or as directed on fabric adhesive bottle


Once the glue dries you can start adding the glitz and glam. I purchased sequins in different sizes and colors to give it dimension, along with some glitter (which I didn’t use). But it’s completely up to you on how to dress it up. I started placing the sequins on the leotard before I added glue, that way if I made a mistake there wasn’t a trail of glue residue on the leafs. Again, I let this dry for 24 hours.  At first I wasn’t satisfied with how the sequins looked. They were out of place on top of the leafs. I tried adding different sizes and colors and still it looked odd. After going back and forth about leaving them or taking them off, I made a decision to keep them. It added a little something, even if they looked out of place. After all of the sequins were glued and dried, I added the glitter to the edges of the leafs. The glitter came in a pen applicator which made it easier to outline the leafs, but be careful with how much you apply. I made sure to make the lines thin, and I used a toothpick to move the glitter down on the leaf. I did this using a scratch like motion to drag the glitter and spread it to make it look more natural, as natural as glitter can be. I did this in green and in gold glitter. I did not do this to every leaf. Once I was done with the glitter, I let it dry for a few days just to be sure none of it would wipe off, creating a mess. The day before use, I checked to see if there was anything else I needed to add and made sure there was enough glitter. Halloween came and it was ready to wear. 


Green foam paper




So for the mask I bought green glitter foam paper. I drew the shape of the mask Poison Ivy wears on the back of the paper and managed to get it on the first try. I was mindful of the size since my munchkin is tiny, I didn’t want it going into her hair line. The plan was to use eyelash glue to keep it on her face.  If it had gotten into her hair, it would’ve been a painful mess to get out. It was difficult to get both pieces of the paper to match identically. So instead of drawing it twice, I used the first piece that I cut out and flipped it and used that to cut out another piece. That way they were the same size and avoided the frustration I knew I’d have for not getting them exactly the same. The masks that came up on Pinterest were a lot more detailed, but I would hate to put that much effort into something I knew she’d ruin. I did add a few little pieces of what was left of the foam paper to the mask so it wasn’t so flat. I was worried if I added too much it would cause the mask to be stiff and making it difficult for it to bend to the shape of Emerald’s face. Once it was done and dry, I placed it on Emerald to see how it fit and made adjustments. And -voila!- a Poison Ivy mask made out of foam paper. 

She wasn’t up for photos without her cousin.

She wasn’t up for photos without her cousin.


This was my interpretation of Poison Ivy for my two year old. It was age appropriate, comfortable, and really easy to make. I was happy with how it turned out. And I can’t wait for next year, I’m already planning her costume and a costume for our newest addition coming in March. Who knows, Emerald might be at the age where she knows who she wants to be and won’t want mom to make her costume. But I will have my other little princess to create costumes for at least for another three years or until she starts requesting the popular cartoon character that year. And I can’t forget my husband, he loves to dress up as well. So my DIY costumes will never go out of style in this household. Lucky me.

Love, Mama.