It's Time To Eat

Anyone having trouble feeding an 21 month old toddler? Raise your hand. Well my munchkin is giving me hell when it’s time for her to eat. I wish I knew what I did for her to be so picky. All I can say is she gets it from her dad. She doesn’t want to eat anything I make. I know it’s not my cooking, because we eat it and I don’t hear any complaints from the husband, so it can’t be that bad. I wouldn't worry so much if she weighed more. She’s almost 2 years old and weighs about 20 pounds. All we hear from the doctor is she’s small but healthy, that she’ll eventually gain the weight. So what does a proactive mom do? I obsess over her eating. We make sure she has three meals a day with snacks in between. We give her two bottles of milk and a Pediasure for bedtime. We started the Pediasure when she was about a year old, it was right after I stopped nursing. We were told by her doctor that it was a good way for her to gain weight since I wasn’t nursing but it hasn’t helped. 


A typical day starts with breakfast, a combination of baby cereal and eggs with occasional French toast or pancakes. Recently we introduced cold cereal.  She loves it more than her baby cereal, so she is officially off baby food. I would serve eggs with her baby cereal, it was an easy way to introduce scrambled eggs. That was working for awhile but all of sudden, she didn’t want either. I know why she doesn’t really care about the baby cereal anymore but the egg? I’m lost. She loved eggs. She would make sure to eat the egg before the cereal then leave some for the end. But now she sees the spoon full of egg and she closes her mouth super tight, eyes closed, and shaking her head no. If I’m not quick enough to move the spoon away from her, she’ll swing. We’ve gotten pretty good at dodging her swings.  There are times where she catches me off guard and there goes the spoon full egg. Flying across the table, in slow motion. And I’m holding my hand out saying “NOOO.” Not really but I am annoyed. She acts like she’s never had it. Finishing her breakfast was never a problem. I just hope she doesn’t continue this because I’m running out of things to cook her for breakfast.

Lunch is always tough. Her favorite food right now is peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If she could, she’d have these everyday (which she does unfortunately). She starts throwing anything she sees. Her sippy cup always manages to hit me right on the tips of my toes, ouch. I wish she’d try new things, even foods we use to give her that she liked but doesn’t eat anymore. She loves burritos or wraps, so I try to give her those before I make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she needs to be I the mood for certain things. If she’s not feeling the chicken wrap, its on the floor, and our chihuahua is enjoying a very nutritional meal. The cutest thing about her throwing her food is her calling ginger our chihuahua. It’s so cute, it fascinates me that she knows ginger eats whatever lands on the floor. So now when she drops something or throws it she instantly calls for “Ginner.” 


It’s the same way for dinner. Few foods she loves, many foods she doesn’t. So it’s a lot of trial and error. And if all else fails we make her the pb&j sandwich. We've tried giving her extra fatty foods to help with her weight like ice cream and fried foods, we try not give her too much for the obvious reasons. I know that sounds terrible but what are my options? Force her to eat something she doesn’t want and risk her not eating, or give into her and give her the damn sandwich. We are battling an uphill battle here, it wasn't so bad when it was just her weight, but to add her pickiness now, ugh. This mama is lost about what we can do about it.  Hopefully this is just a phase, crossing our fingers it's almost over.

Love, Mama.