The Count Down, Begins!

It’s July and I’ve been so consumed with infertility treatments and pregnancy tests, that I’ve completely lost track of planning Emerald’s second birthday party. I’m already two weeks behind and I’m wondering if I can deliver the elaborate party I picture in my mind (or what I’ve seen on Pinterest). You all know that was the first place I started searching. All the beautiful dessert tables with candies and desserts: balloons everywhere. It seems like balloon arches are the current fad right now because that’s all I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. So of course I want one for Emerald’s party. It didn’t look as difficult to make as I thought it would, so it might not be as stressful as I thought. I wish I could hire a party planner so I could get out of doing all of the work, but it’s most likely not in the budget and a definite “No” from the husband. That’s what people that pin these photos of extravagant parties forget to post; the behind the scenes and what it really takes to plan one of these parties. I have one birthday party under my belt and let me tell you I was happy when it was over. As exhausted as I was and how much money we spent, one could assume I’d never want to host a party again. Nope, not this mama! The long nights and countless trips to Michael’s won’t discourage me from doing it all over again for my beauty’s second birthday.

270 balloons and I think I might need more. 

270 balloons and I think I might need more. 

I can’t remember much from my childhood, but what I do remember were the birthday parties my mom threw for us. Back then, we were closer to our extended family, so our parties were always huge. Lots of kids running around and tons of food my mom made.  Although I can’t really remember if they were decorated, they were themed.  But I’m not sure how far she went with the decorations.  At that age, I didn’t really care about the centerpieces. No, I was more interested in playing and eating as much candy as I was allowed. Most of the time we had a pinata of our favorite character, which looking back now, might’ve not been such a good idea. Those things can be dangerous and a lot of work. I’ll admit I thought about getting one for Emerald but I went with my better judgment and decided not to (smart). Last year for Emerald’s first birthday we did Beauty and The Beast.  It turned out a little better than I expected.  We were limited on space so my vision couldn’t come to life completely. I’m hoping to redeem myself this year. 

We have decided on a theme. It wasn’t easy since she likes a few characters at the moment; one being Moana and she recently added The Little Mermaid to the mix. But she absolutely loves Vampirina. She knows all of the songs, and knows all of the characters. She says Goria instead of Gregoria, but she says Demi perfectly.  We’re still working on Vee though. It’s the funniest thing when she tries to sing the Vampirina Ballerina song.  She doesn’t know the words but she can follow the rhythm. It’s the cutest thing! I might have a little singer on my hands. Anyways, the colors I plan on using are teal, black, pink, and lavender. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too dark; she is going to be two after all. There wasn’t much on Pinterest for Vampirina parties (which I thought was weird being that this cartoon is relatively new).  I’m not sure, but I think it’s only been on TV for a little over a year. If you’ve never seen Vampirina, don’t worry.  It’s your typical vampire, bats, and spider web motif, but for small children. Lots of pink, and purple. So it’s age appropriate for our little munchkin. I was kind of flirting with the idea of making it a costume party since it has that Halloween vibe, with monsters and ghosts. But I haven’t worked out the specifics. 


I hate shopping for items last minute because it’s not always a guarantee they will be available in store. This week I’ll order almost everything I need that I know I won’t find in stores. Now it’s just the matter of gathering all of my supplies and turning those supplies into a beautiful work of art. The count down begins! It’s time to get cracking.

Love, Mama.