My Beauty and Her Imagination

I love watching my baby play with her toys. I remember when I was that little. I had a crazy imagination. Do you remember pretending to be lions in the front yard? Or mermaids in the pool? I do. Those were the best memories. Now I’m here watching my Emerald play pretend. She sits in her crib and has  full on conversations with Belle and Beast, giving Demi and Vampirina hugs and kisses. Then she holds Moana as if she were a baby crying, patting her on the back telling her “you ok” while rocking back and forth. 


The funniest thing to me is that she has to have the characters together just like they are in the movie. Belle goes with Beast, and Moana goes with Maui and Hei-hei, isn’t that cute? I think it’s amazing how she understands they belong with each other. I don’t remember playing with my toys like that, but then again all I wanted to play with were horses. Lucky for her I buy her toys in sets. I know, I’m weird but for some reason I can’t just buy one character, I always buy three. Now I know it’s not a waste because she actually plays with them in order. It makes me happy she appreciates my thoughtfulness. 

The playtimes are getting more imaginative, she holds on to things and acts like she’s falling then drops to the floor saying “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, aahhh!” Then she tells me she fell. I wonder what she’s imagining when she does that. Is she in the jungle, hanging over a cliff, holding on to a vine for dear life after being chased by 400 pound gorilla? It’s funny to picture. Or when she’s on our bed and she hiding in the pillows (we have 8 pillows) telling Ariel to hide. Who could she be hiding from? Ursula? Hoping to spare Ariel from the evil witch. I told you I had a crazy imagination. I’m pretty sure making caves out of blankets are coming soon, which is why I’ve been collecting blankets. I’m two steps ahead of her. 

We bought her a play kitchen for her first birthday and it has a little phone. I pretend I’m talking to someone  I say “Hello? This is she, Oh, how are you? I’m fine. Well Emerald isn’t cleaning her room, it’s a mess. I know, I know, hold on let me get her.” Then I’d hand her the phone and say “its for you”. She’d say “Hello?” Put it up to her ear and hold it on her shoulder walk away and continue the conversation with baby talk. I have no idea where she learned that, but it’s adorable to watch. Her room is full of toys, so her imagination can run wild. Just like my childhood memories. We lived with my Papa for most of my childhood and all I can remember was how much fun it was. We had the dinning room full of toys and the backyard was our battlefield. I’m trying to keep my memories alive through my baby, so I make sure to play with her as much as I can. I hope when she grows up, she remembers me playing with her.I can sit and watch her for hours, just doing her thing, going from room to room talking in her own language. I’m looking forward to watching her little adventures grow.  

Love, Mama.