Emerald Turns Two!

It’s finally over! All of the running around, all of the stress and pressure of putting together a birthday party is finally over. It’s a bitter sweet moment for me.  I’m glad all the party chaos is over, but that means my munchkin is two. Time is flying by so fast and I wish she could just stay my little baby forever. But I know that’s impossible. As you can see, I’m still emotional about her growing up, but that’s for another post. 


Her party was small, just our close family and friends to celebrate our baby turning two. There almost wasn’t a party since my husband didn’t get to the park we had chosen early enough. It was a non-reservable park, so first come first serve and we were late. Minor meltdown on my end but luckily the husband found a park not too far from the first location; so crisis averted. It turned out better at this park because the playground was fully covered by trees giving us lots of shade, which I was concerned about at the other park since the playground was completely exposed under the harsh sun. I knew it was going to be hot so I was worried about the kids playing in the heat, so we definitely lucked out with this park. 

The plan was to have this really cute, elaborate Vampirina themed birthday party. But I was right in the middle of my first trimester and the exhaustion was too much for me to shake.  So my mom advised me to keep it simple. Which didn’t sit well with me at first but as I got further along and my symptoms worsened, it was sounding a lot better. I ended up passing on the balloon arch, some desserts, and an entree. Just to keep it simple and to cut the amount of work we needed to do. I did love how the centerpieces came out, they weren’t big or over the top, just cute little Halloween decorations I picked up at Target in the bullseye playground section. Things I can use yearly and not just throw away. Even though there wasn’t any DIY projects, it still took a lot for me to gather all of the decorations. I had my family running around trying to find a Target that was fully stocked. I wanted these little purple jars for citronella candles but they only had four at my target so I was on a mission to find them. 


In the end it all came together quit nicely. She had lots of fun, running around, playing in the sand, climbing on the toys and not wanting to stop for a minute. That’s all that mattered. She didn’t care about the balloons or the other decorations so I got over it rather quickly. The food was great and there was plenty of it. The cake was delicious as always. And everyone seemed to enjoy themselves regardless of the heat. That, to me, is what makes a party fun. But the fun wasn’t over. We still had our Disneyland trip on her actual birthday.

The haunted house was from Michael’s

The haunted house was from Michael’s


I was so busy with setting up and driving around for extra things that day, I wasn’t able to get nice photos but the ones I did get will do. Note to self get photos before the party starts.

Love, Mama.