Happy Little Trees

My daughter is in this "all I want is mom" phase, and the only other person she's comfortable with is my mother-in-law. So my husband and I had this idea of signing her up for classes that our city offers at our community center. We thought that if she's exposed to other people and kids, it would help her with the separation anxiety. The first class we tried was gymnastics, FAIL! She wasn't comfortable at all, screamed the entire time, and she did this every class. This wasn't just "walk in a circle". They wanted the kids to crawl, climb, and jump on trampolines, which I did all while carrying her. It was exhausting. So for now gymnastics is a no.

We'll revisit gymnastics at a later time, when she's in the "all I want to do is climb on everything" phase. 

Next; an art class? 


Art class seemed like it would be more of her style. She doesn't like to be told what to do (like her father), so why not give her a paint brush and paints at a location I wouldn't have to clean if she made a huge mess. Brilliant! I know, I'm patting myself on the back. Today was the first class. I woke up a little anxious. I imagined her throwing the paints and me catching them with my shirt, I was hoping foe the best, but I was prepared for the worst (I wore all black). We sit, the teacher hands us our supplies and she seems interested, that's a good sign, no screaming, no kicking, so I was hopeful. Then the teacher says "Okay, will everyone put on the aprons on the kids so we can get started" I pull out the cute little green apron and try to put it on her she says no and keeps pushing it away, so I put it to the side, I didn't want to push her in fear she'd throw a fit. Then the teacher says to give them a crayon for both hands and have them draw on the sketch pad, again she tells me no and pushes them away. I knew at that point she wasn't interested and I was about to get up and leave, I wanted to spare the other parents the headache of hearing my baby scream,  when suddenly she picks up a crayon and starts to draw! I was so relieved! I did a little happy dance, on the inside, I didn't want to make any sudden movement that would spark a fire, you know. I was so happy we found something she liked. 

The class was so fun! Teaching her about primary colors, using her hands to play with paints and other tools to create shapes, and mixing primary colors to make secondary color, she loved it. It was so cute watching her squish her little fingers in the paint and the look of concentration on her face was adorable. She even talked to the teacher, said hi to the other kids, and let a little girl hug her. It was awesome. We have a little artist. 

Her master piece

Her master piece

If you're in the Rancho Cucamonga area and are interested in signing your babe up for this class or other classes here's the link RCpark.com

If your city doesn't offer these types of programs, a trip to Michael's is just as good!