Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Easter is just around the corner. This year, Easter falls on April Fools Day which could be fun, if my baby were a little older.  But since my babe is still too little to understand jokes, I’ll have to sit this one out.  If any of you play any tricks on your little ones this year, I would love to hear about it! They might give me ideas for future April Fools day.  

So I’ve been gathering small gifts for Emerald’s Easter basket since the beginning of March.  I like to start early, that way I don’t have to pick from the scraps that are leftover by the early mommies (I’ve done this before, would not recommend this). I’m just about done with all of the goodies I want to surprise my little munchkin with. I know for a fact that I’m way more excited about her basket than she is. That’s how you know you’re a mom. You’re 30 and love to buy toys.  Yup, that’s where I am at in my life. Since this is my second year of being the Easter bunny, it was easy to pick things that she’s interested in right now. She loves books, she can’t read but she understands the pictures. I add in things she needs, like bows for her hair or socks. Last year was difficult because she was only 6 months and at that age she didn’t show any interest in anything in particular other than mommy’s milk. Right now she is in love with Vampirina, so that helped to give me ideas. We went to a few stores. I’m not going to lie, I over did it. I didn’t mean to get her so much stuff, but now that I have it all laid out it’s kind of a lot. Sorry daddy, the Easter bunny didn’t mean to go all out.

I'll be sure to add photos of her basket once it's finished. 

I'll be sure to add photos of her basket once it's finished. 


Oh well, he’ll get over it.  Moving on. The best part is putting the basket together. I’m all about presentation. I don’t know why, it’s not like she cares. That’s just another sign of motherhood. The basket I picked out for her is a really simple, wire basket. I didn’t want the traditional wooden basket because after Easter we really don’t have anything else we can use it for, it ends up collecting dust in her closet. At least with this basket I can plant some flowers in and leave it outside. I grabbed some plastic eggs and some paper grass. Right now Michael’s is having a sale on all of their seasonal stuff, so if you haven’t picked up a basket yet, head over to Michael's for 50% off their seasonal Easter stuff. They have so much cute stuff.  I wanted to buy it all but I made sure to stick to the list: Eggs, an Easter basket, grass, and art supplies.  And that’s exactly what I walked out with. All I need now are her favorite snacks to finish the basket.  I’m really excited to see her reaction when she gets her Easter basket. Her beautiful big eyes all lit up when she sees Demi and Vampirina. Ugh, I’m getting excited just thinking about. I can’t wait until next weekend!