Potty Time

My sweet Emerald will be 19 months in a few days, and there is one thing I hate to see happen: she’s getting bigger! Although she’s full of sweetness, there is a mean streak in her. Do you recall her outbursts from my Little Happy Trees post? If not, make sure you read that post before you dive right into this post. 

Ok, so you’re back.  Now you’re aware of the outbursts I speak of. Unpleasant and most of the time violent. Since the moment she was born this girl could shit. I mean she shit so many times we were concerned that she wasn’t gaining any weight because right after she ate she dirtied her diaper and it is the same at 19 months. High five to my husband and I for becoming outstanding diaper changers, I don’t give him enough credit because he rarely changes shit diapers. It’s something we both hate doing but know it’s our obligation because at this point in her life she can’t wipe her own ass. So as loving parents we do it for her. 

In the beginning it was pleasant. Not the poop or her peeing all over us, but the singing to her “pee pee girl, pee pee girl, pee and poo poo, pee girl, pee pee girls, pee and poo poo”. She loved that song, she would coo and smile and so cute to watch. It was an easy process, but now, oh my gosh. She’s awful! Kicking and screaming all the way up. We make sure to take her up stairs right away to change her diaper, we always do this, nothing about how we change her has changed. 


Lately, after she’s done pooping, we ask her if  she’s pooped, she always tells us “no”. She’s lying. We see the face, it’s like a “I’m thinking really hard” face with one eyebrow up, a forced smile and red cheeks. I’m pretty sure I have a picture of her making this face, I’ll  have to find it. It’s not hard to figure out when she shits. Then we say “lets go upstairs munchkin, so we can change your diaper.” The next thing I know is she’s on the other side of the house, this girl is straight up running away from us because she doesn’t want to be changed. When we finally catch her (doesn’t take long she’s a child and we are adults) she’s kicking and screaming as if we are taking her to the doctors. I don’t understand it. Who wants to be in their shit longer than they have to? I start to think about how I feel when I’m hot and my butt isn’t the driest, ok. Come on I know you all know what I’m talking about. Not fun or fresh. Yeah, so it can’t be that she’s comfortable, so we thought maybe it’s because she doesn’t like to be interrupted when she’s playing. So while we change her diaper my husband blows bubbles for her so she’s not missing out on fun time. We would give her toys and other stuff just so she’s not focused on what we are doing but now nothing works. She kicks the entire time, intentionally trying to hurt me. I swear the look she gives me when I’m cleaning her ass is pure anger. Same with my husband, when he changes her and I’m not close, it goes south pretty quick.  I can hear him say “ Shit, shit is everywhere, I can’t believe there’s so much shit.” 


It’s usually a mess when he changes her, so this is when we wished our munchkin would just hurry up and use the toilet. Every time I have to go to the bathroom, I tell her “mommy goes pee pee in the toilet”, just so she understands what the toilet is for. It’s so cute because when I go and sit down she comes in with me and sits on the floor and wiggles her butt and says “pee pee”. We want to start potty training her, so we bought her a seat that you place on your toilet so she can get use to it. My husband didn’t want to get a little potty because the thought of us cleaning it haunts his dreams. Not really, but he’s grossed out by it. I still think she needs one of those just so it could be her toilet you know? Kids love that, they like their own space to copy the things you do in. She was doing ok for a week. She peed 4 times in one week, but she’s over it. I say lets go sit on Minnie Mouse and she says no. Or I ask her if she needs to pee she tells me no Minnie Mouse. I know its early for us to potty train her, but I don’t like getting beat while there’s shit in my face. It’s a no win for us. Eventually she’ll get it, so we’re just going to keep trying. Crossing my fingers she’ll be potty trained before her 2nd birthday. 


Love, Mama.