Learning My Way Around The Kitchen, Again.

Let me start by saying that I love food. Just like the next person. Steak is by far my favorite food. I also love pastas. Bread and butter is my weakness. Just thinking about food is making my stomach talk.  I’m hungry. I guess it all started with my mother, she’s an exceptional cook. Growing up I can’t really remember eating out too much. Feeding a family of six wasn’t easy so I can’t blame her. Just like any mother, I want to make sure my baby knows what a home cook meal is, just as I did. 


Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Ready? I’m not that great of a cook. Shocking, I know since I just mentioned how great of a cook my mother is. My siblings and I can agree that we were spoiled in that area. It’s weird though. I was the one making dinner during the week when I lived with her. So I’m not sure where it all went wrong. I’m not a bad cook.  It’s just when I try to cook my mom’s recipes, they rarely come out the same. 

I’ve opted for quick, easy meals, unlike my mom. When she cooks, it takes hours. It’s an entire day process and when it’s done you need a day to recover. I don’t have that kind of time. I remember scrolling through facebook and came across a video that had someone cooking a meal and it was all done within minutes. I know they edited, it but the way they made cooking look easy was brilliant. I started to save the recipes that I knew I would love. Then I jumped on Pinterest and did the same thing. So since then I’ve been collecting recipes. From breakfast to dinner, especially now that I’m a mother. I make sure my baby never misses a meal. What’s perfect about these recipes is that they’re quick and not too messy. 

Lately, it’s been difficult deciding on what we should do for dinner. I ask my husband what he feels like having (he’s a picky eater) and all he says is “That’s fine.” Before I make any suggestions, or when I make a suggestion, that’s all I get. If it were up to me we’d be eating out all week. Unfortunately we can’t afford the wine and dine experience every day, so it’s up to me to come up with meals that are tasty. On top of the never ending debate on dinner, it’s the frequent trips to the market I wish I didn’t have to do. Another thing you might find surprising is i hate the grocery store. Something about spending my valuable time in a cold store isn’t appealing. I try to get out of going to the market any chance I get. Most of the recipes I save usually call for fresh herbs and other things I don’t have on hand.That’s probably the main reason why I haven’t made any of these meals yet.  I’m working on moving past these obstacles. 


How am I going to do this? Especially with life so crazy. This, writing on my blog about cooking these recipes is how I’m going to do it. Since I considered writing about cooking, I already feel the motivation forcing me to the market. So much so that I’ve already tested out a recipe. Crazy how that works. If my blog isn’t good for readers, it’s definitely helping me in ways I never thought it could. Like working out, being a mother, photography, and now cooking. Who knew? It’s a new week, so it’s time to aim for two recipes that I haven’t made. I can do this. First recipe is Creamy Steak Fettuccine. Here's the link https://pin.it/ppisd6y7npbulu. Try it with me. 

Love, Mama.