How Unprofessional!

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already heard about my experience with the photographer I booked for my maternity photoshoot. If you don’t follow me then let me fill you in. I booked the photographer in December. He was the same photographer we used with my first pregnancy. I loved the way the photos came out, so we decided to work with him again. Our original date was January 1st, we thought it would be the perfect day since my husband was off and the beach would probably be empty due to all of the partying most people were doing the night before. I obviously wasn’t worried about a hang over and we were told that we should be there around 3 to get the best lighting. So we had enough time to hang out, get ready, and then head over to the beach. Another reason why we chose this date was because the photographer said he was booked up until March for the weekends. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it that late in my pregnancy. I wanted to make sure I could walk without any help.  So we were happy with that date. 

I received a text from the photographer a few days before our session, he explained to me that the weather would be less than ideal to get some beautiful photos on the first. He said we had two options; (1) would be to reschedule, or (2) shoot at an earlier time. So me being the person that I am, I just said let’s do it earlier. I wanted to get it done, one less thing for us to worry about since it’s getting closer and closer to my due date. Plus my husband was off on a week day, so I wanted to take advantage of the circumstances. Then all of a sudden he stops texting. I had asked him for directions and asked if 11 am was early enough to get the best lighting. I was trying to be accommodating to both my husband and the photographer. It was New Year’s Eve, I didn’t want to cut anyone’s celebration short because we had to change the time of the photoshoot. But he didn’t respond. 

So again, I text him on the 31st. He finally responded with the directions and time. He said 10 am would be a good time. I asked my husband if that was too early and he said yes, that anything after 11 would be good. I asked about 12, the photographer said that he wanted to make sure we were getting what we paid for. That the golden hour look wouldn’t be possible that late. So I’m worried about how the photos will come out and was going back and forth on what we should do.  I’m a problem solver when it comes to things that I want. But, unfortunately, my efforts didn’t pay off this time. I was prepared to reschedule for another date, sometime in March. If I really wanted these photos, then I had to suck it up and get over being tired.  I knew the wobbling would be real and my achy bones would make the day uncomfortable, but it’s what I was willing to do to get these photos. And then, I was surprised to see that he could fit us in on the 19th of January. I was so excited, it was on a Saturday, still early enough for me to have fun on the shoot. No one’s plans were ruined and the husband wouldn’t have to take time off work. Or so we thought, sometimes my husband is schedule to work on Saturdays we just don’t know which ones until the week of. So I quickly agreed to book that date. At that point it was set. We were going to have our photoshoot on January 19th at the beach.  We just didn’t have a set time. That was the end of our communication until the week of our shoot.

I text him asking what time we should arrive so we weren’t late. I wanted to plan out our day and make sure my husband and I were on the same page of how things were going to go that day. But he didn’t respond. I waited a day to text him again about the time, still no answer. So now I’m freaking out. It’s the day before still nothing. I don’t hear from him until the day of our shoot, and it wasn’t good news. He told me that he had to cancel due to him having to work, that he started a new job and couldn’t request that time off. The thing that bothers me is that he waited until the day of our photoshoot to tell me that he had to cancel. I understand things come up, family, work, things that we can’t afford to miss. Which is why it was so frustrating for us having to hear the day of that we had to reschedule. My husband had to switch his schedule around to get this Saturday off.  Had we of known he was going to cancel a few days in advance, my husband would’ve been able to keep his original schedule and potentially taken a day off during the week. That really screwed us up. But even with how annoyed we both were, we still wanted to work with him.  We were jumping through hoops to book this photographer. I was going to change the location, making it a shorter commute.  My husband was prepared to take time off during the week. I really felt as though we were doing more than enough to accommodate him. Which isn’t our job, right? And the only reason why I was going through all of this trouble to book him was because I really did love our photos he did with my first pregnancy. I expected him to be cooperative. But if he was, then there would be no need to write this post. His unprofessionalism did not end there.  Instead, he ignored me and til this day I have not heard from him.  I was asking normal questions.  I asked when he was available during the week, what time would we have to be at the location so my husband could get off in time to make it there before the sun goes down. But he never replied.  And at that point all of our communication ended. I wasn’t going to beg him to take our photos, I didn’t want to put any more effort into booking this photographer than we already had. Disappointed, frustrated, I even felt disrespected. There was a lot of preparation that went into planning this photoshoot. I made Emerald a crown, I had gotten my nails done, I asked my brother to join us so he could help with watching Emerald when it came to taking the photos of just my husband and I. 


All of these things that we had done in preparation for this shoot would now have to be done a second time at a later date with a different photographer. A complete waste of time and money. After reaching out to other photographers, we decided to take our maternity photos ourselves. I have the equipment, the only concern I had is the lack of experience. I’ve never done a photoshoot at the beach before and I’m afraid of the sun. I know that sounds odd, but normally I take my photos indoors, so the lighting is a little more controlled, and a lot more flattering since we have other objects the light can bounce off of and soften the light if it’s too harsh. I didn’t want to make the trip to the beach and come home with over exposed photos that we couldn’t use. I asked my husband if he really thought I could pull this off, and he reassured me that I could.  Plus, I told myself on New Years that I would try new things. This was a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and an opportunity to work on my skills. The only way I’m going to get better is if I get out there and actually start taking photos. So we packed up the car, with both of my brothers, one to make sure we were in focus and the other to watch our baby. It was an experience I definitely learned from, I now know we have to go later in the day. Make sure it’s not freezing, or windy. And the most important thing is forget about your surroundings, forget about who is watching and just have fun. I know that’s what holds me back 99% of the time.  However, I wasn’t going to let my insecurities get in the way of taking these photos. 


Since this was the first time I took photos at the beach, they didn’t come out as I envisioned, which I expected. They weren’t horrible, but you could tell we were freezing and in a rush. It was windy, and that made it difficult to keep my hair out of my face.  The humidity caused my hair to frizz so all of those baby hairs made an appearance in every single photo. There was only a few photos that I felt were salvageable.  I didn’t get the golden hour look that is so popular or even that glamorous sun kissed softness. Instead the photos were a little over exposed and the contrast was high. But for my first try and having my two inexperienced brothers, control the camera they could’ve been worse. I asked my followers on Instagram if I should delete these and go ahead with booking a professional, but most said they were beautiful. That we didn’t need to hire a professional since these came out great. I was surprised that everyone had nothing but nice things to say about our photos, which made me that much more confident in trying again. This time, I’ll probably skip the extra little details that I had the first time. I might make Emerald another crown, but that’s it. I hope this weather clears up soon, or else we might have to settle with the photos we have.  Not that there’s anything wrong with these, I just wish I had more of Emerald and more of all three of us. Time is running out, so wish us luck!

Love, Mama.