Every Photo Tells A Story


I put together my first wedding photo shoot! I had so much fun; Working with my brother and his girlfriend (models), doing makeup again, and working alongside other photographers. It was great. The best part was seeing how beautiful the photos came out. Honestly, I didn’t think I could photograph like that. It’s one thing to setup a background and pose your subject, and it’s another thing to direct your subjects but also allowing them be themselves. It’s hard. It’s a lot harder than I thought and I’m horrible at candid shots. Even with just my girls.  When I start to go through my camera, most of those photos are blurry, my baby isn’t looking, and if she is, one of her eyes is closed. You know which ones I’m talking about. But these weren’t bad at all, and I was able to get more than just a few. Normally I take about 100 photos and I’ll only get 5 that are decent. It’s that bad. That’s one good thing about being insecure, you recognize your  weaknesses.  And how do you work on your weaknesses? You practice. That’s how I got better with indoor photography. Yes, it took me almost three years to feel confident.  But hey, I got there. 


As much as I love indoor photo shoots I believe it’s crippled my ability to  learn new ways to photograph. And I had no idea until this photo shoot. It was difficult for me to shoot from different angles. One of the photographers that was there kept saying “ move around” and “try shooting at different angles.”  And I kept reverting back to standing in one spot. At one point I just stopped shooting. I had to reset my brain so I could  actually understand what she was saying. I’m use to staying within a perimeter with my backgrounds. The measurements for the seamless paper I use are certain size, and if I move slightly to the left or to the right, I get what’s behind my paper in the frame. If I can, I try not to crop my photos since it can distort the image. So, now that I’m not restricted to a small area there’s no need to worry about toys or cribs in my frame and more importantly I won’t need to crop my photos. That was the biggest take away from this shoot. Very helpful 


It almost didn’t happen though, this mama was dealing with two sickie babies, and I myself wasn’t feeling too good. As usual, I thought about canceling the shoot, but before I could send the excuse of being sick, my models arrived! Perfect timing right? I had to follow through with it. There was so many people involved that I’d feel guilty for wasting their time. I do this all of the time, I doubt myself and end up passing on opportunities that can help me succeed. So I asked myself “Why am I canceling the shoot? Is it really because I feel sick?” No. It was my insecurities. I kept thinking it was pointless, or I was worried I’d be lost on directing the shoot. I was worried for nothing. I was too busy having fun that I didn’t care about messing up, or freezing under pressure. It gave me the reassurance I was looking for so I could pursue photography. It was so much fun that I want to put together another photo shoot. But I don’t want to get too comfortable putting on my own photo shoots, filling my portfolio with a bunch of photos that I put together.  So my next goal is to book at least 4 clients a month. One a week. So if you or anyone you know need a photographer give them my information.

Love, Mama.